Bagd and All

To say that Yves Saint Laurent isn’t an iconic fashion brand would be underplaying everything that the French fashion giant has achieved. Yves Saint Laurent (YSL) is one of the 20th century’s most iconic brands and every single one of their products is a must own.

The founder of the design house YSL learned his chops with Christian Dior, another French icon. Yves Saint Laurent’s journey began in 1953, when three of his sketches won first place at a contest held by the International Wool Secretariat. This win fuelled this journey which eventually led to many serendipitous events all culminating in the creation of the fashion house we all know and love as YSL.

YSL Handbags

If there is one thing that the house of YSL is synonymous with, it is youth. Their clothing has always had a youthful vibe and was always meant to capture the esprit d’ corps of the young generation. Each collection of YSL products has somehow managed to become iconic in its own way.

Take, for instance, YSL handbags. Everything from the colors to the detailing all represent something important and relevant to the people of today. Every bag seems to tell its wearer that you need this bag more than ever. The detailing and craftsmanship is evident.

Why I Love YSL

Here’s the thing, being young is hard work! And honestly, it’s tough to go out every single day looking like you have everything under control. Some days are hard. That’s really when your material possessions come in handy. There are days when a nice bag, or a favorite pair of earrings can take your outfit to the next level, and this is why I love YSL bags. Taking out my precious YSL bag can make even the dreariest of days look amazing.

A YSL bag is meant to make you feel young, and amazing. So, get a YSL bag today and enjoy the perks of being fashion forward.


Bagd and All

Why do women prefer branded designer labels that spell opulence and cost a ‘bomb’?The answer is fairly simple and straightforward. Apart from the status symbol and centre of attraction tags, a luxury bag from a reputed design house tends to have a really cool structured design, with clean-cut lines that looks both elegant and utilitarian. Whatever the bag, the clutch or purse a designer piece is one which sets you apart in the crowd.

A luxury handbag is one that is made of excellent quality materials, that are durable and long-lasting. They come in several sizes, shapes, and styles to accommodate any occasion and purpose and come in different materials and with varied embellishments. They can be hand-stitched too. The materials are of the highest order and their embellishments are made of authentic gold, silver, crystal, or any other precious gemstones.

The locking systems on these designer pieces like the zips and buckles and belts are not just decorative. They really last longer and are very convenient in securely concealing any valuable items that you may want to carry. They are very stylish and can complement your look for the occasion. In short, they look classy and elegant and are completely fuss free.

The YSL bags tend to be of excellent quality and are an oft-resorted-to choice when it comes to ‘bag’ fashion. These bags fulfil the entire checklist of the requirements of luxury bags. They are popular because of their quality and style.  A YSL bag is a style statement and becomes the cynosure of all attention when carried anywhere.

Though they are pricey and expensive, as they should be for the quality they provide, these bags are now affordable and more easily available in some reputed international e-commerce sites or a reliable pre-owned designer ware site. Choose well and check for the credentials of the site before you go in for such an expensive purchase.