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How To Keep Your Dog Happy And Healthy

Your dog is your best friend for life. Do the best that you can to take care of your canine friends to keep them happy and healthy. There are plenty of things you could do to give them a good life. Depending on which breed of dog you have and other typical traits that you need to take extra caring especially in terms of grooming and food habits. Apart from specifics, there are few basics that all pet parents must take care of and then you can shop for your dogaccordingly.

  • Give your dog the right foods

It is absolutely important to feed your dog healthy and nutritious foods for optimum energy and well-being. Providing a balanced diet ensures keeping away from junk food and other human foods that may have an adverse effect on your pet’s health.

  • Proper clothing

Dress your dog according to the weather conditions where you live. Sometimes people dress dogs just for fun and fashion but keeping your pet comfortable in all seasons is important for overall well-being.

  • Personal Grooming

Keeping your dog healthy and free from fleas, ticks and other skin infections in very important. Ensure proper hygiene and maintain a proper grooming schedule. Bathing your dog is very important as a part of the grooming schedule.  Keeping up the length of his coat or hair by regular trimming gives a well maintained and groomed look to your pet. Use a sharp and clean pair of clippers to cut nails at regular intervals.  Grooming your dog yourself serves a dual purpose. Not only will your pet look clean and groomed it also servers and a good ground for bonding more.

  • Regular visits to the Vet

A bi-annual or annual visit to the vet is recommended to keep a check on all the vital parameters of your canine companions.  Check-up of your dog’s dental health is also recommended by a veterinary dental professional. If your dog’s teeth need to be brushed then preferable use specially formulated dog toothpaste.   Regular deworming must also be done.


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