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Knowing The Characteristics Of Wood Pellet Fuel

Wood pellet fuel comes under the category of biomass fuels. When wet sawdust and green wood chips are compressed together, it is produced automatically and form pellets of almost the same size and structure. This form of biomass fuel is different from the other forms because of the fact that it is easier to use and requires lesser storage space. When you are out to buy this form of fuel it is important to know its characteristics so that you can differentiate between authentic and fake.

Important pointers

This form of biomass fuel is safer to deliver in comparison to fossil fuels. This is also more advantageous because it has higher energy content in terms of weight. Its moisture content varies from 4-6%. Owing to these properties and also due to the presence of plant lignin, their compact structure can be retained and eventually this form becomes the first choice of fuel in a lot of places.

Although pellets cannot be classified in terms of the wood type, they are still categorized in terms of the ash that they produce. There are three grades of this classification:

  • Premium grade
  • Standard grade
  • Industrial grade

The first grades are sold for industrial, commercial and residential usage. These first grade pellets are a great choice to be used for boilers of all types and sizes and can be equipped with automated ash removal systems. Pellets that belong to the third grade and have an ash content of three percent or more should only be used for industrial purposes.

There are several benefits of using this form of fuel instead of fossil fuels. We can prevent the rapid depletion of fossil fuels and also the innumerable environmental changes that the release of carbon into the atmosphere results in. It is any day a better alternative but needs further research to be replace fossil fuels completely.

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